Tuesday, December 27, 2011

"The Jews won't let the Second World War stop."

Europeans hate Jews due to their slave trading

Polish scholar Adam G. de Guroswki, who travelled extensively in

the United States, wrote in his 1860 book Slavery in History:

The Jews were the common mediators and factors in this traffic (child slave trading), as well as the most extensive slave-traders all over Europe, both then (4 & 5th centuries A.D.) and in subsequent times; and a considerable part of the hereditary hatred of the European masses towards the Jews is to be ascribed to this historic fact.

Monday, December 26, 2011

How Can so Many People be so Incredibly Blind?

You ask yourself, just how twisted, indifferent and malevolent can some people get before the universe begins to construct an international gallows franchise everywhere there needs to be one. Each day we see unknown wannabees and the usual suspects, vying and competing to see which of them can be registered and remembered as one of the greatest assholes of our time.

Sunday, December 4, 2011


Jewish child molesters.wmv

Jan 1942, the BBC informs Germans that Germany's gassing Jews

Thomas Mann (right), with fellow gruelpropagandists Albert Einstein & Rabbi Stephen Wise

German novelist Thomas Mann (1875 - 1955) whose wife was Jewish and
bore him six halachically Jewish children, emigrated to the US in 1939.

Between 1940 and 1945, Mann recorded monthly radio broadcasts
in German, which which were transmitted by the BBC to the people
of Germany. In his January 1942 broadcast he stated:

Holocaust liar caught lying at the Irving trial

German Ho£ohoax promulgatorProfessor Heinz Peter Longerich

Longerich was an expert witness at the 2000 Irving vs. Lipstadt trial,
he was paid £76,195 for his expert report and testimony by Lipstadt's
billionaire backers, but I bet they'd wished they'd saved their money.

Armed Jews turned loose on German civilians

Elie "Messenger to Mankind" Wiesel, in the original Yiddish version of Night