Sunday, March 30, 2014

Never seems to amaze me!

Lately I have been watching this new show called the  " COSMOS" on Propagada channel Faux news. This show was brought to fox by the comedian and Fake Kazar " Seth Macfarlane". If you love science and have common sense, this show will have you throwing popcorn at your tube early and often.

 First and foremost, you will be told no other scientist existed as they repeat over and over again, about Einstein. Like this plagiarist and propagandist was the reason why we have come so far in life. "The secret to creativity is learning to hide your sources" . Einstein

They are currently searching for his succesor , while minimizing millions of genius minds around the globe. Let you figure out who I am talking about.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

White man doing what he enslaved black men for decades for .

Now all these states around America are now legalizing marijuana. Well that is great and dandy, but doesn't that mean you first release all the people you have arrested for petty possessions while paying reparations first.

Millions of black families have been destroyed by the same government who told them yesterday , marijuana is illegal and today wants to sell on the same corner they arrest them on. What fucking hypocrisy.

Canadian is under attack.

Canadian farmers cannot get their grains sold today. Opposition leader Thomas Mulcair comes on CTV saying " Harper has failed farmers by not being able to sell their grain ". Why do farmers need government to sell grain for them is my question ? Its a free market and last time I checked grain like oil sells itself.

Time to see if he will answer this question. Sounds like Communist to me , were you turn over your grain to government and they send you a check after they take what they like. Canadian farmers sitting on grain thanks to railway logjams. I guess when they are not crashing and burning killing innocent people , they are not moving.

Well done government another reason why you will always get my two middle fingers.