Tuesday, December 4, 2012

What came first the chicken or the egg?

We walk around with a fake smile on our faces, like a fat kid eating cake. I often think about what the future holds for our children as we sit silent in induced coma chasing our tails. The UN orders an extra helping of butter as it watches Palestinians being massacred daily. 17th Century Chinese emperor Sung Su wrote and I quote “in order to defeat a nation you must divide and conquer”. Hundreds of years letter America took that knowledge into practice and came up with Republican and democrat. 

African asylum in Israel

Sometimes I just spent countless hours shaking my head at the stupidity of individuals, just finished watching a documentary of Africans seeking asylum from their nations In Israel. You better of committing suicide than getting sympathy from Israel. These asylum seekers after all they do live in the Israelite side and not the Gaza so they do have knowledge of how they treat the citizens whose land they stole. This is a nation who told innocent citizens too come together in UN building for safety as they searched for where the rockets were coming from.

They then dropped bombs on the UN Building itself which is against international laws of all countries and used white phosphorus on the fleeing and other civilians around the building. If individuals do not learn from their mistake, than they are too repeat it again. If you have ever wondered who your master is, it’s the one you are told you cannot criticize or disagree with.