Tuesday, December 4, 2012

African asylum in Israel

Sometimes I just spent countless hours shaking my head at the stupidity of individuals, just finished watching a documentary of Africans seeking asylum from their nations In Israel. You better of committing suicide than getting sympathy from Israel. These asylum seekers after all they do live in the Israelite side and not the Gaza so they do have knowledge of how they treat the citizens whose land they stole. This is a nation who told innocent citizens too come together in UN building for safety as they searched for where the rockets were coming from.

They then dropped bombs on the UN Building itself which is against international laws of all countries and used white phosphorus on the fleeing and other civilians around the building. If individuals do not learn from their mistake, than they are too repeat it again. If you have ever wondered who your master is, it’s the one you are told you cannot criticize or disagree with.

Since ww2 the world has gone into an induced coma in which 90% of the globe has become desensitized of fellow human beings around the globe. A simple thing as starting a blog or webpage and speaking for the voiceless lets me know that I have not completely been consumed by the matrix and still do what little I can to help others.

You don’t have to be in the front line of a revolution for you to make difference. Simple thing such as joining political groups on fb lets people know that you are against injustice and you are fighting for fellow human beings who are voiceless in their nations.

Programs such as FB , twitter can be used for greater things than we could have ever imagined , but the problem is most don’t have the attention span nor do they give too shits about others. But when their turn comes around they then take it to the airwaves using all types of media, only to find out no one gives too shits about them. When you genuinely care about others than others will care about you it’s that simple. Or you can do what many wealthy individuals do, which is to surround themselves with yes men, never knowing what others really think about them.

You can pretend to be an ostrich and keep you head in the sand, but soon or later the global problem will be at your door and what then? Having lived a Barbie and ken life we all will soon face reality at its harshest. With more than half the globe working for under $1 dollar a day, it’s apparent that changes whether good or bad are coming our way.
The west who loves to sweep the truth under the carpet is losing the biggest battle today in which caged tigers around the globe have decided the only way to defeat the empire is to join forces. What the media is not reporting is they are gaining momentum and growing in numbers and soon will make a global difference in which many sheep will die in order to make room for the rest.

No empire can exist forever, as human numbers clime the struggle to herd the sheep becomes that much more difficult in which false flag wars are needed to keep the sheep numbers at controllable number.

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