Tuesday, December 27, 2011

"The Jews won't let the Second World War stop."

Europeans hate Jews due to their slave trading

Polish scholar Adam G. de Guroswki, who travelled extensively in

the United States, wrote in his 1860 book Slavery in History:

The Jews were the common mediators and factors in this traffic (child slave trading), as well as the most extensive slave-traders all over Europe, both then (4 & 5th centuries A.D.) and in subsequent times; and a considerable part of the hereditary hatred of the European masses towards the Jews is to be ascribed to this historic fact.

Monday, December 26, 2011

How Can so Many People be so Incredibly Blind?

You ask yourself, just how twisted, indifferent and malevolent can some people get before the universe begins to construct an international gallows franchise everywhere there needs to be one. Each day we see unknown wannabees and the usual suspects, vying and competing to see which of them can be registered and remembered as one of the greatest assholes of our time.

Sunday, December 4, 2011


Jewish child molesters.wmv

Jan 1942, the BBC informs Germans that Germany's gassing Jews

Thomas Mann (right), with fellow gruelpropagandists Albert Einstein & Rabbi Stephen Wise

German novelist Thomas Mann (1875 - 1955) whose wife was Jewish and
bore him six halachically Jewish children, emigrated to the US in 1939.

Between 1940 and 1945, Mann recorded monthly radio broadcasts
in German, which which were transmitted by the BBC to the people
of Germany. In his January 1942 broadcast he stated:

Holocaust liar caught lying at the Irving trial

German Ho£ohoax promulgatorProfessor Heinz Peter Longerich

Longerich was an expert witness at the 2000 Irving vs. Lipstadt trial,
he was paid £76,195 for his expert report and testimony by Lipstadt's
billionaire backers, but I bet they'd wished they'd saved their money.

Armed Jews turned loose on German civilians

Elie "Messenger to Mankind" Wiesel, in the original Yiddish version of Night

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Quelle surprise....
You may recall that in 2006, a Channel 2 report  revealed that blood donated by Ethiopians was being frozen and then disposed of. In 2007, Ethiopian children were being segregated in Israeli schools from the Chosen Jewlets and then in 2010, it was reported that Ethiopian women were being given a controversial long-term birth control drug to reduce the number of black babies being born.
We learn about Jewbekistan's discriminatory policies not just towards Ethiopians but also towards Arabs and gentiles and Jews have the audacity to ponder the question - Why  is Israel universally hated? They are clearly not as bright as they profess to be.


Show me a prime time American tv show and 9 times out of 10, I will point you to either the Jew behind it, or the Jew appearing in it. The only US tv series so far that I cannot find a Jew behind are Supernatural and Person of Interest
Time to switch off the stupid box


Seems to be the case are both were caught off camera in an unguarded moment referring to the Jew Prime Minister in less than glowing terms. 
The Jew president of France Nicolas Sarkozy referred to him as a liar (well that's an interesting choice of terms given that we have the Jewish pot calling the Jewish kettle black. Jews lie all the time about everything, so why Sarkozy is exhibiting surprise about something that he himself engages in by virtue of his own Jewishness, is truly perplexing).


Lest we all forget, Jews have a long and sordid history of committing acts of violence and racism within their own community and then blaming the Gentile - this is incontrovertible fact. Such is their obsession and preoccupation with being assigned the label of victim, that they commit acts which a gentile could not even conceive of in their wildest imagination.


"My Tribe comes first!"
We can't have those 80 percentile Goyim getting in the way of his tribe's ability to continue fleecing our nations' wealth for the benefit of themselves can we? (And yes Jews do make up far more than the 2% lie they like to spin - they simply lie about their numbers and about their racial heritage pretending they are simply "white" and nothing more).
Article link 

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Hitler's Zionism at a cost to German interests

"Let him [the Jew] look for his human rights where he
belongs: in his own state of Palestine." - Hitler (April 1920)

1833, rich Jews pimping their own children, says Jew

Joseph Wolff, was the son of a German rabbi, but at aged 17 he converted to Christianity. He was a
noted Cambridge (England's second oldest university) scholar in theological and oriental studies. He
spent decades travelling the world as a Christian missionary. In his book Missionary Labours (1835), he
refers to himself as a "Jew", but it was the early 19th century, when Jews were considered their own race.

This is what he wrote of the "white Jews"

Nazis built walls with dead Jews

The Roman Emperor Hadrian famously built a wall in Britain out of stone, but he also built
a wall out of dead Jews. It was around 7 foot tall, 18 miles square, and surrounded his new
vineyard. He had just killed FOUR BILLION Jews, so he wasn't short of construction material.


I recently came across this article in a British newspaper concerning the niece of Patrick Swayze who has married a white nationalist. The newspaper in question seemed to take issue with this fact (and believes that since Patrick Swayze starred in a few Jew friendly movies) that it was his niece's obligation (in honoring his participation in such films) to marry not someone that she loved, but someone that the Jews would approve of.


Hasbara refers to the propaganda efforts to sell Israel, justify its actions, and defend it in world opinion. Using contemporary euphemisms, it is public diplomacy for Israel, or using a pejorative interpretation, it is apologia. Israel portrays itself as fighting on two fronts: the Palestinians and world opinion. The latter is dealt with hasbara. The premise of hasbara is that Israel's problems are a matter of better propaganda, and not one of an underlying unjust situation.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Holocaust As Convenient UnHistory

The Holocaust
As Convenient UnHistory


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Chosen Criminals

November 23, 2011: The Uphill Battle To Expose Haredi Pedophiles
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The Brooklyn DA allows predators to make sweetheart plea deals that keep them out of prison and off sex offender registries. Haredi rabbis demand to be the gatekeepers who decide which, if any, allegations of pedophilia are reported to police....

November 23, 2011: Haredi Street Gangs Fight For Control Of Jerusalem
Comments: 12 | Categories: Crime, etc. , Haredim , Israel
Gangs of opposing haredim fight each other for control of valuable Jerusalem real estate – just as similar gangs fought in Eastern Europe 150 years ago. Haredi gang wars aren't a new phenomenon, Here's why.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Purim – Blood Lust & Genocide

For the year 2010 purim fell on February 28th through March 1st, as can be seen here, and I planned to have some information about this disgusting jewish holiday of blood lust, genocide, and cannibalism, before it came around, but better late than never. If you’re not familiar with purim, you probably should be, because it highlights just how pathetic and repulsive jewish behavior and beliefs are once unmasked.
In this image, the yenta Madonna and Guy Ritchie can be seen dressed up in festive costumes for a purim celebration of genocide with her local kabbalah friends. The jewish media often portrays this as just an innocent, harmless "jewish halloween", but humans don't drink blood and ritually slaughter babies for halloween.

Racist Jew Serial Killer

A string of murders and attacks spanning three different states came to an abrupt end just over a week ago, when police announced that they might have a serial killer on their hands. At first, police were unable to connect the dots between a number of dead bodies and other attacks, but as stories from survivors piled up, it quickly became evident that they did indeed have a serial killer on their hands.
This crooked eyed, racist jew ran around stabbing people

Catching Jew Spies

So, how do you catch jew spies, or spies in general for that matter?  This question may be perplexing for some, but if you’re trying to catch a spy, or someone involved in espionage and treason, how do you go about such a task? For me, this is easy to answer. If you want to catch spies and treasonous traitors, all one must do is watch closely the activities of all jews anywhere near Washington, defense industries, high technology, major corporations, the media, hollywood, and a number of other choice places. Here you will find guilty parties by the thousands, and all working towards the same goals, but I digress. Maybe instead of my idea on how to catch spies, we should take a lesson from one of the largest, most powerful investigative agencies on the planet, the Federal Bureau of Investigation a.k.a. the FBI. Myself, I think of the FBI as the Fraudulent Backers of our Infiltrators, but that’s just me, your mileage may vary. Foundation for the Betterment of Israel?  Knowing the FBI is headed by jews like Mueller, there’s no doubt the story described below came about because it works out in their favor, one way or the other.
If you think you can trust the FBI with jews like this guy at the helm, you better think again. Just because a couple handfulls of these jew vermin get paraded to the media, doesn't mean the FBI is working to help us rid ourselves of them.
If you think you can trust the FBI with jews like this guy at the helm, you better think again. Just because a couple handfulls of these jew vermin get paraded to the media, doesn't mean the FBI is working to help us rid ourselves of them.

Jews Suck Baby Penises

These jews see babies as sex toys to be exploited at will. Note the look of lust in the eyes of the great faggot, bloody penis licking rabbi. How would you like this fella to circumcise your child?

Another Rabbi Molests Young Boys – Gets Slap on Wrist

All this poor rabbi did was rub his penis on two 13 year old boys asses, beat them, and tell them to lie about the incident. The truth is more likely this rabbi had some rough anal sex with a couple of children, then beat one to keep him quiet. With the quick and easy plea deal, we'll never know how many more victims there were.

Jew Pleads Guilty – Will Likely Walk on $300 Million Scam

Look at the crooked evil eye on this jew. At only 24 yrs old, he nabs a $300 million contract to supply our U.S. Army with ammunition, and uses it to start a front company and sell them useless, out-dated Chinese ammo.
Look at the crooked evil eye on this jew. At only 24 yrs old, he nabs a $300 million contract to supply our U.S. Army with ammunition, and uses it to start a front company where he sells them useless, banned, and out-dated Chinese ammo.

Fake Mexico Hijacking by Bolivian Jew

I wouldn’t have stumbled across this one if it weren’t for the interesting headline.  The article said “Pilots: Hijacker incoherent during tense standoff” and since I know jews are usually behind any hijackings, I had to take a look. I also know from experience that the people set up to pull off these crazy hoaxes are usually fed tons of psychotropic and recreational drugs before hand by a jewish doctor and drug dealers somewhere, and it was the first thing that came to mind when I saw this headline. One clue is that nobody else seems to hijack aircraft.  That’s just plain suicide, and I don’t care what you’ve heard about “hajis”, most people just don’t do stupid shit like this.
This white skinned jew posing as a Hamas terrorist should be enough to clue people in that terrorism is a jewish invention. They seem to forget to take the jew star off, but they may just wear it to be bold.

Kikes, KKK and the Racial Divide

Here are a few interesting tidbits of information to digest about jewish involvement in the KKK. First, the KKK is known to have had many jewish members and even grand dragons, such as the very interesting character Daniel Burros who spent years of his life as a fake leader of the KKK right up until it came out that he was jewish, at which point, the jewish sources say he shot himself in the chest and in the head. He went around saying “kill, kill, kill”, but his motivation was none other than that of jewish subversion and causing racial strife.
Another grand wizard of the KKK in Mississippi turned out to be a homosexual jew named Jordan Gollub who garnered a lot of media attention, but then quickly disappeared under the radar after his kosher roots were discovered.  In fact, the SPLC admits here that many of the KKK boogie men getting all the attention are actually jewish, but don’t be fooled by their slick tricks. It’s no accident this many jews play these roles.
There are also many other jews who pose as racist white people, Nazis, white nationalists, etc. Take Bill White for example, leader of the impotent American National Socialist Workers Party propped up by the jews at the SPLC as an evil Nazi, racist, Hitler loving, jew/African hater here.  Lots of places have information on Bill White such as here.
David Wolfgang Hawke started a fake Nazi group called Knights of Freedom, later renamed American Nationalist Party, but it too fell flat on it’s face when it was found out that this character was really just a scrawny jew rat by the name of Andrew Britt Greenbaum.
Bill White is a jew who pretends to be a fake Nazi with his fake group called the National Socialist Workers Party. Why are jews always playing the evil racist "white man"?
There is also the story of fake National Socialist/Nazi Frank Collin, who’s real name was Francis Joseph Cohen. It turned out his father was a jew who had claimed to be a prisoner at the Dachau concentration camp, but had changed his name from Cohen to Collin. Francis Cohen was a jew and practically a nobody, trying to fit in or help create Nazi or white nationalist groups, who quickly rose to fame in 1977 when he planned to march the goose step through the center of heavily jewish Skokie, Illinois in his Nazi getup.
All of a sudden his self-created National Socialist Party of America was causing a big stir, and the ACLU (jews) stepped up to help him sue for the right to march his fake evil Nazi group around the town. He was instrumental in giving the (fabricated) jew holocaust notoriety, because before he arrived on the scene, most people hadn’t heard about a jewish holocaust during WWII. You can even see he was a kike at jew owned, not to mention heavily censored by jewish sayanims, website called wikipedia here.
Anyway, down below you will find an interesting video on the KKK by some jewess who is part of the hotfactsgirls on youtube, but she is so not hot. Don’t go getting all excited, because it looks as if these hot facts girls are a bunch of jews trying to use sex to get attention as usual. Their channel has an image that says “Fight the New World Order Subscribe”. Right, I’m sure they’ll be loads of help.
Just like all the others, this jew posed as an evil racist "white man" who hated jews and "black" folks, but his only purpose was to push the jew holocaust and keep whites and blacks fighting with each other.
What’s interesting about the video is about 1:20 into the video where she mentions how the KKK got it’s name. Apparently, the Ku Klux Klan originally gets it’s name from the Greek word for circle, kyklos. It was basically the kyklos klan, or KKK, changed slightly to Ku Klux Klan. If you take a look at jew owned wikipedia, it even admits this is the true origin of the name for the KKK here.
This particular part of the video made my ears perk up, because overall the video is useless drivel about America’s first “terrorist” organization, racism, lynching etc. However, for those who know about the jew, it’s a well known fact the reason they are called kikes, is because of the yiddish word for circle, which is kikel. According to Leo Rosten, and another fact that can be found on jew owned wikipedia here:
The word kike was born on Ellis Island when Jewish immigrants who were there were also illiterate (or could not use Latin alphabet letters), when asked to sign the entry-forms with the customary ‘X,’* refused, because they associated an X with the cross of Christianity, and instead made a circle. The Yiddish word for ‘circle’ is kikel (pronounced KY-kul), and for ‘little circle,’ kikeleh (pronounced ky-kul-uh). Before long the immigration inspectors were calling anyone who signed with an ‘O’ instead of an ‘X’ a kikel or kikeleh or kikee or, finally and succinctly, kike.
This jew faked being a Klansmen until it was revealed he was a homosexual kike, but that didn't stop the jew owned media from blowing him up to help push the racial divide.
Now, I’m not saying the entire KKK is jewish, because it’s not, but like all groups that stir up racism and cause division, it certainly has it’s share of them.  Both in leadership, members, and provocateurs, there are always plenty of jews afoot. It just so turns out that the KKK got it’s name from the Greek word kyklos meaning circle, and jews got the name kike from the yiddish word kikel meaning circle as well.
Knowing jews are always found on both sides of the racism equation (i.e. KKK, Nazi Party, NAACP, ACLU, SPLC, ADL) it’s at the very least quite intriguing that these names have such similar origins. Another intriguing note is that jews often attach great significance to names, and are known to alter them like this to fit different purposes.
You have to decide for yourself whether these names having the same origin is significant or not. In light of jewish history of creating and/or infiltrating racist groups, as well as the evidence provided here, it is definitely worth noting. With the current political climate and the obvious push for a racial divide in America, it’s no surprise this jewess would pick this topic as something people want to hear from “hotfactsgirls”.
Das evil Nazi fuhrer by the name of Davis Wolfgang Hawke also turned out to be just another rat faced kike playing racist "white man" again. Is the jewish agenda of racial division coming into focus yet? I hope it is.
If all human non-jews are smart they will put the racial differences aside, and focus real racist hatred onto the jews stirring the pot. This doesn’t mean you can’t be a white nationalist, a black nationalist, or a person of any race who is proud of their skin color, heritage, culture, or whatever you may think defines you. I am not racist except against jews, and I implore others to look at it the same way.

Filthy Jews Publish Photos of Dead Soldiers for Fun

These disgusting creatures love to revel in the deaths of non jews. They celebrated this last passover with a massive slaughter in Palestine. Good religious folk, or depraved maniacs?
These disgusting creatures love to revel in the deaths of non jews. They celebrated this last passover with a massive slaughter in Palestine. Good religious folk, or depraved maniacs?

Whats New pussy?

So finally not suprisingly Jews and there puppets in google have taken down my blow which was called whyihateisrael , now known as whyihateisrael2 and counting I am sure. There was no reason , other than stating facts which I have collected over the last two years. So at this time would have given up , I am just getting started and little pissed . But now I know I was on the right track and thanks you to all my readers who took me from 1-67k , so please come back , join , thank you.


A Gaddafi-Centered African Union With A Common Currency Here & Here
A Gaddafi-Run Central Bank Of Libya Here
A Gaddafi-Holding Of 150 Tons Of Gold Here
A Gaddafi-Run Libyan Oil Industry Here
A Gaddafi-Run ‘Blue-Gold’ Water Reserves Here

IN JULY OF 2011, the son and heir apparent of Muammar Gaddafi, Saif al-Islam, stated that it wasn’t just Libya’s ‘black gold’ (oil) that the Zionist West wants, but Libya’s ‘blue gold’ (water) – the some 500 miles of the Nubian Sandstone Aquifer System that lies beneath Libya’s surface.
The Nubian Aquifer is the only fresh water source that remains in North Africa and thus is the focus of what has become known as “Water Wars.”