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offering Educational Courses to help you earn your Masters in Deception

Lesson #1: Aliens and Religion
The fine line between Beliefs and Deception
Lesson # 2: The Deception Dollar
Deception for who?
Lesson # 3: Who are the "Illuminati"?
Lesson # 4: What are "Handlers"?
What is the connection with Deb Simon, Phil Jayhan, John Kaminski, etc?
Lesson # 5: What is a "Strawman"?
UFOs, Normal Livergood, The Pod Theory
Lesson # 6: Deceiving with the Truth
Example: The World Trade Center dust
Lesson # 7: Crypto Jews and Crypto Zionists
Lesson # 8: Criticize your own Assumptions
Example: Sam Danner

Zionist continue to insult humanity with their nonsense. 2+2=4 unlike zionist math where 2-1=6 million

US builds forts to stop Iran and Syria
US fort in IraqUS accuses Iran and Syria of sending fighters into Iraq, and Iran of smuggling bomb materials. Is this part of a setup to attack those nations? Judicial-inc shows the IEDs come from Israel, and the Israeli advisors have access to our troops.

the top 5 shocking things about the latest wikileaks

the top 5 shocking things about the latest wikileaks Here we go.



Israel is in it’s full glory today because of the latest Wikileaks ‘leaks’. As was said in a previous post, Had WikiLeaks didn’t exist, Israel would have had to invent it. It appears that in reality, it was.


Forwareded by Saptarshi Ray

Urgent: Eyewitness report from Ramallah

Ramallah, Occupied Palestine: My name is Tzaporah Ryter. I am an American student from the University of Minnesota. I currently am in Ramallah. We are under a terrible siege and people are being massacred by both the Israeli army and armed militia groups of Israeli settlers. They are shooting outside at anything that moves. I am urgently pleading for as much outside help as possible to help save lives here.

Palestinian suffering

Palestinian suffering

Forwarded by Lopa Tasneem

A recent essay by Edward Said on the Palestine issue here. A short biography of Edward Said from The Nation:
Edward W. Said, the University Professor of English and Comparative Literature at Columbia University, is the magazine's classical music critic as well as a contributing writer. Known both for his groundbreaking research in the field of comparative literature and his incisive political commentary, Said is one of the most prominent intellectuals in the United States today.

It Makes You Wonder

The Zionist's plans for world domination plods along. The media clamors over the Kosher miracle called the Tea Party, whose Zio-puppets like Rand Paul, pretend to be crusaders. In Iraq, horrific market bombs killed close to 1,000. An Israeli tactic, that's purpose is to keep Sunnis and Shiites divided. As the war shifts into Afghanistan and Pakistan, Israeli teams blew up a Pakistan Mosque, killing 80. They quickly spread the rumor that the Taliban killed their fellow Muslims.

Halloween is in full swing as Zios claim two jets from Yemen were en-route to NY synagogues, and Obama scrambled two F-15 fighters to prevent a 'mini-holocaust.

Edgar Steele, a Free Speech attorney, has been silenced. He contends he is the victim of an ADL sting, which involved a plot to murder his mother with a car bomb.
The stock market is being artificially inflated to keep Americans content, and this will eventually make them angrier when the next 9/11 occurs.
Judicial-Inc has been contacted by a mysterious German, who will host the site in Iran. In the last month there have been three incidences with Judicial's ADL-sponsored stalker.

Oddly, the Neo-Nazis websites, the Holocaust revisionists sites, the Anti-Zionist scholars, the White Nationalists, Wiki-Leaks, the large alternative news sites, etc. have not been touched. Their holocaust message is 'Yes, the holocaust did happen, and millions were killed, but Auschwitz was a smaller number'. The alternative news medias say 'Israel knew about 9/11, but were not involved.' None of the 

'Truth Teller' sites are discussing the Israeli death squads in Iraq and Afghanistan, the bombings, the mercenaries, the communist plot in the Sudan, recent Ponzi schemes, the OKC bomb connection to Elohim City, etc. The Kosher Nazis are back to discussing pillaging negroes raping white women.

The world need a independent website, not these silly Zio-Con hoaxers. As the economy deteriorates, people will need some sort of an communications where a real organization can start to take root.

America's $3bn bribe to Israel stinks of appeasement

In any other country, the current American bribe to Israel, and the latter's reluctance to accept it, in return for even a temporary end to the theft of somebody else's property would be regarded as preposterous.
Three billion dollars' worth of fighter bombers in return for a temporary freeze in West Bank colonisation for a mere 90 days?

Not including East Jerusalem – so goodbye to the last chance of the east of the holy city for a Palestinian capital – and, if Benjamin Netanyahu so wishes, a rip-roaring continuation of settlement on Arab land. In the ordinary sane world in which we think we live, there is only one word for Barack Obama's offer: appeasement. Usually, our lords and masters use that word with disdain and disgust.
Anyone who panders to injustice by one people against another people is called an appeaser. Anyone who prefers peace at any price, let alone a $3bn bribe to the guilty party – is an appeaser. Anyone who will not risk the consequences of standing up for international morality against territorial greed is an appeaser.
Those of us who did not want to invade Afghanistan were condemned as appeasers. Those of us who did not want to invade Iraq were vilified as appeasers. Yet that is precisely what Obama has done in his pathetic, unbelievable effort to plead with Netanyahu for just 90 days of submission to international law. Obama is an appeaser.

The fact that the West and its political and journalistic elites – I include the ever more disreputable New York Times – take this tomfoolery at face value, as if it can seriously be regarded as another "step" in the "peace process", to put this mystical nonsense "back on track", is a measure of the degree to which we have taken leave of our senses in the Middle East.
It is a sign of just how far America (and, through our failure to condemn this insanity, Europe) has allowed its fear of Israel – and how far Obama has allowed his fear of Israeli supporters in Congress and the Senate – to go.
Three billion dollars for three months is one billion dollars a month to stop Israel's colonisation. That's half a billion dollars a fortnight. That's $500m a week. That's $71,428,571 a day, or $2,976,190 an hour, or $49,603 a minute.

And as well as this pot of gold, Washington will continue to veto any resolutions critical of Israel in the UN and prevent "Palestine" from declaring itself a state. It's worth invading anyone to get that much cash to stage a military withdrawal, let alone the gracious gesture of not building more illegal colonies for only 90 days while furiously continuing illegal construction in Jerusalem at the same time.
The Hillary Clinton version of this grotesquerie would be funny if it was not tragic. According to the sharp pen of the NYT's Roger Cohen, La Clinton has convinced herself that Palestine is "achievable, inevitable and compatible with Israel's security". And what persuaded Madame Hillary of this? Why, on a trip to the pseudo-Palestine "capital" of Ramallah last year, she saw the Jewish settlements – "the brutality of it was so stark" according to one of her officials – but thought her motorcade was being guarded by the Israeli army because "they're so professional". And then, lo and behold, they turned out to be a Palestinian military guard, a "professional outfit" – and all this changed Madame's views!

Quite apart from the fact that the Israeli army is a rabble, and that indeed, the Palestinians are a rabble too, this "road to Ramallah" incident led supporters of Madame, according to Cohen, to realise that there had been a transition "from a self-pitying, self-dramatising Palestinian psyche, with all the cloying accoutrements of victimhood, to a self-affirming culture of pragmatism and institution-building". Palestinian "prime minister" Salam Fayyad, educated in the US so, naturally, a safe pair of hands, has put "growth before grumbling, roads before ranting, and security before everything".

Having been occupied by a brutal army for 43 years, those wretched, dispossessed Palestinians, along with their cousins in the West Bank who have been homeless for 62 years, have at last stopped ranting and grumbling and feeling sorry for themselves and generally play-acting in order to honour the only thing that matters. Not justice. Certainly not democracy, but to the one God which Christians, Jews and Muslims are all now supposed to worship: security.

Yes, they have joined the true brotherhood of mankind. Israel will be safe at last. That this infantile narrative now drives the woman who told us 11 years ago that Jerusalem was "the eternal and indivisible capital of Israel" proves that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has now reached its apogee, its most treacherous and final moment. And if Netanyahu has any sense – I'm talking abut the Zionist, expansionist kind – he will wait out the 90 days, then thumb his nose at the US. In the three months of "good behaviour", of course, the Palestinians will have to bite the bullet and sit down to "peace" talks which will decide the future borders of Israel and "Palestine". But since Israel controls 62 per cent of the West Bank this leaves Fayyad and his chums about 10.9 per cent of mandate Palestine to argue about.

And at the cost of $827 a second, they'd better do some quick grovelling. They will. We should all hang our heads in shame. But we won't. It's not about people. It's about presentation. It's not about justice. It's about "security". And cash. Lots of it. Goodbye Palestine.

America israels dog.

$10 billion per month, and rising!
This war is setting records for cost and insanity. You can see what your money does at this page. The Zionists are proud of their attack dogs.... are you?
Useful Idiot number 39532
"Get a clue

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Two Jewish Elderly Women Kill homeless men for Insurance, Note You never hear this in the news

Were these elderly Jewish women influenced by their Talmudic teaching?

One ‘Black Widow’ defendant convicted of murder
Helen Golay is found guilty of killing two homeless men to cash in on life insurance. Her co-defendant, Olga Rutterschmidt, is convicted of conspiracy to commit murder and still faces murder charges.

Iraqi Jews; Israeli Niggers

Naeim Giladi was an Iraqi Jew in the Zionist underground helping Jews get to Palestine during the 1940's. The Iraqi government arrested him, but he escaped to Isreal after 2 years of brutal imprisonment. He then discovered that he had been helping Iraqi Jews become Israeli Niggers.

Naeim Giladi
Since the Ashkenazi abuse other Jews (did you hear about their ringworm treatment?) the Goyim are fools to expect decent treatment from them.

Israel's failed attack in Mexico

One month after 9/11, two Israelis were arrested for trying to bomb the Mexican government. A Mexican Army general released them! The Zionists are deceiving and manipulating all nations. The Mexican Army also serves Israel.

Mexican Attorney General
Releases Zionist Terrorists

Army general and head of the PGR releases two Israelis
arrested with guns and explosives inside the Mexican Congress

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The History of the House of Rothschild

The Rothschilds have been in control of the world for a very long time, their tentacles reaching into many aspects of our daily lives, as is documented in the following timeline.  However, before you jump to the timeline, please read this invaluable introduction which will tell you who the Rothschilds are as oppose to who they claim to be.

Keidi Awadu explains how Reverend Jesse Jackson was involved in the assassination of Martin Luther King.