Tuesday, April 24, 2012

It Makes You Wonder

The Zionist's plans for world domination plods along. The media clamors over the Kosher miracle called the Tea Party, whose Zio-puppets like Rand Paul, pretend to be crusaders. In Iraq, horrific market bombs killed close to 1,000. An Israeli tactic, that's purpose is to keep Sunnis and Shiites divided. As the war shifts into Afghanistan and Pakistan, Israeli teams blew up a Pakistan Mosque, killing 80. They quickly spread the rumor that the Taliban killed their fellow Muslims.

Halloween is in full swing as Zios claim two jets from Yemen were en-route to NY synagogues, and Obama scrambled two F-15 fighters to prevent a 'mini-holocaust.

Edgar Steele, a Free Speech attorney, has been silenced. He contends he is the victim of an ADL sting, which involved a plot to murder his mother with a car bomb.
The stock market is being artificially inflated to keep Americans content, and this will eventually make them angrier when the next 9/11 occurs.
Judicial-Inc has been contacted by a mysterious German, who will host the site in Iran. In the last month there have been three incidences with Judicial's ADL-sponsored stalker.

Oddly, the Neo-Nazis websites, the Holocaust revisionists sites, the Anti-Zionist scholars, the White Nationalists, Wiki-Leaks, the large alternative news sites, etc. have not been touched. Their holocaust message is 'Yes, the holocaust did happen, and millions were killed, but Auschwitz was a smaller number'. The alternative news medias say 'Israel knew about 9/11, but were not involved.' None of the 

'Truth Teller' sites are discussing the Israeli death squads in Iraq and Afghanistan, the bombings, the mercenaries, the communist plot in the Sudan, recent Ponzi schemes, the OKC bomb connection to Elohim City, etc. The Kosher Nazis are back to discussing pillaging negroes raping white women.

The world need a independent website, not these silly Zio-Con hoaxers. As the economy deteriorates, people will need some sort of an communications where a real organization can start to take root.

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