Sunday, December 22, 2013

Reality is coming.

    •  Israel is controlled by a power group of Askanazia jews from Europe. Their propaganda wants us to believe they are the real jewish nation. They place all other jews than their own kind as 3rd class citizens. Freedom Is A State Of Mind
      • I know one askanazia jew, and he talks down on other jews. he calls them peasants, not to mention goyim.Once the system crushes , no one will be taking orders .

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Comporation and Government making the last chess move.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos aka Lex Luther said and I quote "Drones delivering packages will revolutionize the industry". At that exact same time , Obama and I simultaneously burst into laughter. Baaa Baaa .

The sheep are so dumb , why do they waste time ? Just invite them to a football game or sporting even like nascar and once inside just drop a bomb on them.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

RIP Mandela the man who spared whites in south africa and gave his people voting rights.

RIP Mandela, the man who gave blacks voting rights. We still know white's still run the show but lurk in the shadows like they do every nation. What many don't know about Mandela , is the reason why he was given Nobel Peace Prize. After all they did to him, 27years behind bars, destroying his health, his relationship with his wife, he came out still willing to be a peaceful man. The whites were trying to lure him into a PC= Probable cause as they do with many blacks here and abroad.