Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Show me your hand ?

Washington aka " The Devil" thinks its smarter then the globe. They will support terrorists in Syria but will fight terrorists in Iraq ? I thought the globe agreed to fight terrorists all over the globe including the apartheid state of Israel. Real Jews are against killing of innocent people, because unlike converts they actually practice faith.

Israel does not even have real Jews , just bunch of converts aka squatters who are paid to come from over seas and set up shop. I guess when you control mass media and have millions of trolls on payroll nothing is impossible including milking an event half a century later , thought millions of have died in your never ending " Boy who cried Wolf " tears.

The day will come when the globe as one will unite and call this professional Poker player is bluff forcing him to show his "Garbage" Hand.

NWO " The Devil " is working overtime.

Washington has just found a better partner then they could have ever hoped for with Al Qaeda. The Isis group has got control over the oil fields of Iraq thanks to them arming them and paying them .
Now a new boogie man has been created. the world was getting bored and was loosing interest in Al Qaeda. Isis will come into power by selling oil at discount around the globe, while continuing to stock pile arms.