Tuesday, October 23, 2012

20 Hitlers, 37 Himmlers killed in the Holocaust

German Jew Konrad Heiden wrote in his 1936 biography of Adolf Hitler:

"The unusual and rather curious name of Hitler occurs more frequently among Eastern
Jews than among Germans, and particularly in Galicia, Bukovina, Roumania and Poland."

73 million Jews gassed per year

73 million Jews gassed per year

Britain's & Israel's Sir Martin Gilbert, claimed in his 1981 book Auschwitz and the
Allies, 4,000,000 were killed at Auschwitz, along with the even more ridiculous:

Circumcised with an SS knife

Circumcised with an SS knife

Nazis built walls with dead Jews

The Roman Emperor Hadrian famously built a wall in Britain out of stone, but he also built
a wall out of dead Jews. It was around 7 foot tall, 18 miles square, and surrounded his new
vineyard. He had just killed FOUR BILLION Jews, so he wasn't short of construction material.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Pierce douche bag Morgan the new Jewish Puppet on CNN.

Here is CNN latest puppet Pierce Morgan who worked over for Warren Buffet at DAILY mail in the UK. They were accused of hacking a murdered teen’s cell phone. When the trial finally began he was already in the US working for Buffets CNN the douche bag in which he testified over Skype.

Here is his latest video in which he tries to impress his Jewish masters by interviewing the great leader of Iran who only wants peace but watch how he tries to push him for war.


Hope for GOYIM STILL .

My hat goes off to ahmadinejad who is not falling for their games. This week they have invited him on CNN were douche bag after slut tried and could not get this clever goy into admitting anything.