Monday, October 1, 2012

Hope for GOYIM STILL .

My hat goes off to ahmadinejad who is not falling for their games. This week they have invited him on CNN were douche bag after slut tried and could not get this clever goy into admitting anything.

He keeps telling them that he wants peace and not war, and they keep asking him will Iran defend itself if attacked? The world is sick place today when a nation is being bullied and at the same time made to look like it is the bully.

Israel has started 5 wars since this garbage nation of apartheid has come to power and Iran has not started one war.

The Kosher Hoax, known as Wikileaks, goes rolling right along. Obama has offered Israel forty F-35s, a $5.8 billion dollar gift, if they freeze building settlements in the West Bank. Unemployment has reached new highs, 15% in some cities. Zionists are pushing for the "Dream Act" which allows Illegal immigrants to attend American State Universities at in-state tuition, qualify for student loans and Pell Grants.

Mid East Wars
The Zionists coined the phase 'Arab Spring' and are behind all the mideast tension. Mercenaries are behind the sniping, and car bombs. Naturally the American taxpayer is footing the bill. Oddly Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, and all the Zio-puppet states are left alone.   One can assume an attack of sorts is planned on Iran.

The American Elections

A total ship of fools, clueless as to how the world economy really works. Everyone of them falling over each other to get the Jewish vote.

Zionist False Flags
Norway sided with the Palestinians, and suffered a massacre of 80 kids on an island. The Zio-Hoax of occupying Wall Street purpose is to test the waters as to anti-Semitism for the wealthy class.

The World Economy
Greece is the latest economy to collapse. The Zionists learned from the Madoff episode that anti Semitism is still ripe, so a world collapse has to be blamed on the Arabs. Sooner or later International Jewry will pull a 'False Flag' nuke, a 9/11 scenario, but this death toll will be staggering.

Reprecusssions Of Funding
You need to realize that the Zionists tag your every goggle search, your IP for targeted websites, your credit cards for every book you buy. Practically every event these Zios feel is detrimental is going to be monitored. No doubt that Jeff Bezos, the Zio head of Amazon, allows his fellows Israelis to program inappropriate book purchases. Just in America you have 13 million Zionists that seek to monitor anything that they perceive as detrimental to their tribe.
This isn't paranoia, or big brother, it's the simple fact that computers make these programs possible. Add in the internet, and monitoring is an everyday fact. Imagine a 'Christian Rally' for a new government. The Zios could tell you were there through credit card purchases, and the GPSs in your smart phones.

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