Saturday, September 1, 2012

hope for the sheep.

Readers periodically ask me some variation on this question: “Why does the press follow every jot and title of Iran’s nuclear program, but we never see any stories about Israel’s nuclear weapons capability?” Why is it the U.S feel they can monitor and try to control other countries army, religion, government etc all for oil, gold, and other resources but if them same countries came here to stop our corrupt government, greedy corporations, lying politicians etc...They would label Terrorist?

The real terrorists are the US Congress which has more than 80% Jews on the floor working for Israelis interest. Their is hope for the sheep after all by means of drones .With some blue print knowledge and electrical wiring skills anyone can built their own personal drone, good going US government which encourages civilians to take matters into there own hands lol. Thanks too drones humanity can one day fight off tyrants around the globe, unlike in the past were you needed tanks and fighter jets.

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