Tuesday, June 24, 2014

NWO " The Devil " is working overtime.

Washington has just found a better partner then they could have ever hoped for with Al Qaeda. The Isis group has got control over the oil fields of Iraq thanks to them arming them and paying them .
Now a new boogie man has been created. the world was getting bored and was loosing interest in Al Qaeda. Isis will come into power by selling oil at discount around the globe, while continuing to stock pile arms.

The west is not interested in friends thought it pretends with daily smile . What is more lucrative is having " Friendenemies" which allows a few to gain great wealth while keeping the rest of the globe in fear.
Soon the globe will not be able to travel, turning citizens of each nation into working bee's . What says
ignorance and stupidity more then when individual is unable to learn new cultures and make new friends abroad.
Making a new generation of dumb & dumber, which is exactly the goal. This war is exactly what USA and its allies wanted, to fuel a war between muslims while stealing its wealth of resources right under their noses.
This will also set a trap for Iran which will come in the aid of Shia which will then leave them exposed , leaving the Snake "Israel" to wage war.

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