Thursday, May 15, 2014

Yet they claim god chose them lol. If your god has horns and hoofs I guess so.

It doesn’t get much lower than this.  A Rabbi and his Jew buddies are accused of stealing millions of Dollars from a preschool for disabled children.  This should prove that there is no honor among Jews when shekels are involved.

From NY Post:

Four men, including a rabbi, were indicted on Tuesday on charges they stole millions of dollars from a taxpayer-funded preschool for disabled kids.
Rabbi Samuel Hiller, Ira Kurman, Roy Hoffman and Daniel Laniado from the Island Child Development Center (ICDC) were busted for allegedly siphoning off $12.4 million of the institution’s $27 million state-funded budget between 2005 and 2012, using the money for themselves and for other business interests.

“The public funds provided to [ICDC] were earmarked for special needs pre-schoolers with disabilities but instead were allegedly used by the defendants for their own purposes,” said Queens DA Richard A. Brown.

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