Tuesday, November 29, 2011

1833, rich Jews pimping their own children, says Jew

Joseph Wolff, was the son of a German rabbi, but at aged 17 he converted to Christianity. He was a
noted Cambridge (England's second oldest university) scholar in theological and oriental studies. He
spent decades travelling the world as a Christian missionary. In his book Missionary Labours (1835), he
refers to himself as a "Jew", but it was the early 19th century, when Jews were considered their own race.

This is what he wrote of the "white Jews" he meet in Hindoostan (India):
The white Jews are too proud to work, and live chiefly upon the jewels and valuables they have inherited from their ancestors. They are very immoral, and give not only their daughters, but frequently their wives for hire to the Europeans, Parsees, and Mohammedans

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