Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Quelle surprise....
You may recall that in 2006, a Channel 2 report  revealed that blood donated by Ethiopians was being frozen and then disposed of. In 2007, Ethiopian children were being segregated in Israeli schools from the Chosen Jewlets and then in 2010, it was reported that Ethiopian women were being given a controversial long-term birth control drug to reduce the number of black babies being born.
We learn about Jewbekistan's discriminatory policies not just towards Ethiopians but also towards Arabs and gentiles and Jews have the audacity to ponder the question - Why  is Israel universally hated? They are clearly not as bright as they profess to be.

"MIDDLE EAST MONITOR An Israeli newspaper has claimed that the racism prevalent between Israeli Jews extends to Ethiopian Jews even after their death. According to Maariv, graves in a Jewish cemetery are separated according to the colour of the corpses; a fence has been built between the graves of Ethiopian Jews and the others in the graveyard. This racism was exposed when an Ethiopian Jew went to the office of Kadisha, a company responsible for burying Jews, to buy a grave for his mother. It was reported that the company allocated a plot located far from the other graves, close to the fence in question. Official comments on this situation are awaited"

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