Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I recently came across this article in a British newspaper concerning the niece of Patrick Swayze who has married a white nationalist. The newspaper in question seemed to take issue with this fact (and believes that since Patrick Swayze starred in a few Jew friendly movies) that it was his niece's obligation (in honoring his participation in such films) to marry not someone that she loved, but someone that the Jews would approve of.

I was appalled by this article because I believe that individuals have the absolute right to say what they want and marry whomever they feel inclined to marry without having to ask for prior permission from a Jew. So what if the husband in question has "racist" tattooed across his forehead and a swastika under his eye - it is his body, his life and his choice. Hell, I'd have Judenrein tattooed across my forehead were it not for the fact that I'm not a facial tattoo type of person. Even if Patrick Swayze was still alive, what influence could he have had over his niece, when her own father was unaware that she had skipped off to get married? 

But, you will have realised by now from the writings in my blog, that I never mention nationalist issues... primarily because for me, the Jew is the greatest concern. I believe that the Jew has led to the fragmentation of our societies and the discord which now exists between the races, and only after the Jewish issue is cemented, can the various groups begin to heal and seek a way through to resolving their differences. But, this does not mean that I believe that nationalists have no right to air their grievances. Even if I disagree with some of what they say, they have as much right to an open forum as every other group (save for the Jews who have already saturated our web pages, tv screens and airwaves with their propagandist trope). 
It is probably not the best of ideas to go around violently beating up those you tend to dislike (as this white nationalist guy seems to have done) because this is counter-productive particularly when it comes to the Jew. Can you imagine if the white nationalist husband in question had gone down to his local kosher district with a baseball bat in hand. It certainly might have made him feel a lot better, but ultimately, this is a losing game with the Jew. The incident would be all over the national and local press, the ADL would be declaring that all Jews were in imminent danger of being wrapped up in batter and thrown into the nearest frying pan and the stupid Gentiles would be seeking self admonishment for all of the ills committed on the chosen ones. If you think that I am wrong on this issue consider "their" holocaust , and the impact this still has on our nations some seventy years after the end of WW2. Jews need to feel persecuted in order to be able to drag themselves out of bed in the morning. It is as staple a need for them as breathing is to the rest of us.

So back to the news story in question. What do you think the reasoning behind this irrelevant story was? Well, firstly, it was to cast a shadow over the reputation of Patrick Swayze even though the man is no longer alive - what easier way to taint a man than to suggest that his family are somehow "irregular" or "irrational". Secondly, it produces in the mind of the wider Gentile population, the idea that being a nationalist is wrong, wicked, evil, unnatural or any other euphemism you can think of when ultimately, it is simply a decision of conscience just the same as my decision to exclude Jews from my hemisphere is a decision of conscience. I personally could care less if someone wants to shave off their hair, tattoo a swastika on their arse, then sign up to the Aryan Strike Force of Hitler. Conversely, I could care less, if a group of individuals want to don a suit and tie call themselves the Black Nationalist Supremacy Group of the Mother Wheel and then stroll up and down the streets of Chicago and London proclaiming themselves to be divinity incarnate. I just do not care, and neither should anyone else.
We are autonomous human beings and are permitted to think and believe whatever we care to, and the more that people (I meant Jews who in my estimation fall short of being people since they have no morality) try to take away these choices, the more indoctrinated, these beliefs become. 
This, I believe, is the one fatal error that the Jew tends to overlook in his dealings with the Gentile. They believe that if our choices are removed (either by legal penalty - e.g imprisonment and fines, or by social exclusion) that the effect of these actions will be to undermine our beliefs, when in actual fact, all this serves in doing is reinforcing the very mindset that they find abhorrent. Take Brendan O'Connell for example - imprisoned I believe over six months ago in Australia for speaking out against the perfidious Jew. Do you believe that he is sitting in Western Australia with a new found and overwhelming love for the people who had caused his imprisonment? No, of course not. He probably detests them a whole lot more than he originally did.
One final point, on this same newspaper site, I came across another article - A story about a leading UK lawyer who killed himself after watching Schindler's List such was his despair. I read a comment below the article which made me laugh and it just about sums up all of the propagandist literature, documentaries and films that the Jew throws our way :

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