Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Seems to be the case are both were caught off camera in an unguarded moment referring to the Jew Prime Minister in less than glowing terms. 
The Jew president of France Nicolas Sarkozy referred to him as a liar (well that's an interesting choice of terms given that we have the Jewish pot calling the Jewish kettle black. Jews lie all the time about everything, so why Sarkozy is exhibiting surprise about something that he himself engages in by virtue of his own Jewishness, is truly perplexing).

Then we have Obama who retorts "You're fed up with him - I have to deal with him every day!" Yes, we can all quite imagine the scenario. Obama in bed with his milk and cookies in preparation for a good night's sleep, when the bedside telephone rings and who should be on the other end but an enraged Netanyahu insisting that America should enter a war against Iran at the behest of Israel, because all of the "Jews are going to be driven in the sea". 

Obama tires of Netanyahu but still sees fit to place foreign policy concerns above domestic ones. (And when I say foreign policy I really mean Israeli policy). He is so exhausted by this political leech but still feels untroubled by the fact that American tax payers are contributing over $4billion each year towards a country that has no business existing. Obama is so henpecked by the Jewish wife with the Neanderthal forehead, that rather than tell Netanyahu to get lost, he is far more concerned with gaining Jew votes for the forthcoming Presidential elections. He is far more concerned with being adjuged persona non-Judaica, then with the interests, fears and concerns of the American people

Obama is so exhausted by the rhetoric of the pathologically insane Netanyahu, that without a shadow of a doubt, he will still choose to go to war with Iran costing countless numbers of American and Iranian lives, whilst Jew soldiers sit at home in Tel Aviv eating braided challah, and blood engorged matzas....

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