Tuesday, December 4, 2012

What came first the chicken or the egg?

We walk around with a fake smile on our faces, like a fat kid eating cake. I often think about what the future holds for our children as we sit silent in induced coma chasing our tails. The UN orders an extra helping of butter as it watches Palestinians being massacred daily. 17th Century Chinese emperor Sung Su wrote and I quote “in order to defeat a nation you must divide and conquer”. Hundreds of years letter America took that knowledge into practice and came up with Republican and democrat. 

But in the case of Africa you need a new strategy in which you can kill millions, without the world blinking an eye lash? Here is how it works; you first place a proxy government in office. Then you hire a local militia who is against the government and fund them as well. You then sell weapons to the local government and make some of your money back all while instigating and agitating both sides into endless wars. 

A new form of terrorism is upon us in the 21th century in which the strategy of killing; your opponents while making yourself look like the victim always in the new norm. This form or terrorism has been around for a while but it’s become more and more acceptable in today’s society as empires such United States of America runs into financial difficulties, as recruitment numbers fall, and less sheep enlist.

This tactic of acting as the victim while victimizing the real victims has been used by Israel as early as 1920 when they cried wolf in the New York Times claiming more than 6 million Jews are being starved in Russia. Does that number sound familiar to anyone? When the world did not bat an eye lash, they then waited over 2 decades to try the same tactic but this time against the Germans.

 One day we will tell our children it did happen, and we did nothing to help the real victims while the perpetrator acted as if he was the real victim.This is not the first time Jews have acted like victims while victimizing others, take for example the war they declared on Germany which led to ww2. By acting as if they were the victims of the Germans, the world was led to believe that the Jews needed protection, when in reality its humanity who today needs protection from the Jews.

Beware of man who has nothing to lose and is given weapon to defend himself. The serpent and the Octopus will continue to oppress mankind around the world by any means necessary. The Saudis who also fund wars around the globe are hiding behind Islam’s hollies place Mecca. They never speak up against the snake and the octopus as they wage war against Muslims around the globe, so their day must be just around the corner. But when that day comes, nothing will happen to the Rothschild’s who sit in gold chairs in Saudi Arabia; it will be the innocent Muslims who live in the country who will feel the wrath and venom that is too come.

Saudis are really extension of the Rothschild’s who set up shop centuries ago in the Middle East and today are musquareting as Arabs. This tactic of Jews dressing as Arabs has been around for centuries, but it was most recently used in the King David Hotel Bombing in which survivors were hanged outside the embassy.
So the Jews were the first real terrorist to be funded by fellow Jews and today nothing has changed as Israel continues being the world’s leading terrorist state, funded by both Jews abroad and the American government.

All these little groups like Hamas, Hezbollah, and alshabaab have nothing on Mossad who since its birth back in 1947 has been waging war on all nations around the globe including United States of America Government, in which the USA will not confirm nor deny.

In spirituality you are seeking knowledge and asking why it happened in order to prevent genocide from happening again. In Religion you are seeking reward from your god, which always results in bloodshed being spilled.

Napoleon Bonaparte said, and I quote”we invented religion in order for the poor not to kill the rich”.

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