Saturday, November 10, 2012

Arab spring should be really called divide and conquer.

I have often wondered the timing of the Arab spring. If it’s too good to be true it’s too good to be true is the famous saying. Here you have the nuclear powered Israel in the Middle East instigating and agitating wars around the globe and ready to attack Iran and the entire sudden all these Muslim countries are distracted by democracy?
Without a warning like a winter storm it came and is gone. With so many lives lost, you would think something other than over throwing a governing government would have come out of it. Arab leaders are beyond naive and cannot work together in order to overcome the octopus Israel. The snake United States of America who drops democracy bombs across the globe when told by its master Israel is always ready to spill blood of its own and others never Israel’s that is rule number one.
For thousands of years Israel or Jews in general have had the pleasure of crying wolf with little result till the news paper and television came about. There is old saying if you repeat your lie long enough it will become true for many. If you ever want to know who is your master is , it’s the one you cannot criticize or question in this case being Israel who runs the show from Israel and uses Its NY head quarters to spread its venom.

Take Israel’s president Netanyahu who decided to bring a picture of cartoon looking bomb along with a red pen to the UN in which he tells the world and his puppets that Iran must not get a nuclear weapon on its hands. Israel has hundreds of nuclear war heads in which it uses to intimidate its neighbors who have not fought a war in decades but Israel has been in five wars since 1947. America, Israel and the allies which are the colonial thieves have agreed only they should have the power to destroy nations, but no nation should be able to defend itself from the looting and savagery of these colonial nations who gang up on anyone who refuses there orders.

Billions of sheep and puppets around the globe including his own people do not know the truth about Qaddafi death and murder.  Africa by far is the wealthiest continent on the planet in which the west has been looting since gaining weapons of mass destruction under its belt. The real reason why he was murdered was Gaddafi wanted to unite Africa under one currency, one army, and have all these countries united under one African flag. He also told the west he wanted to be paid in Gold and not its worthless paper. Well the west than decided it’s time for a Libya to become the next country in the Middle East too have an Arab spring.
OK let’s move on to Egypt who is neighbors with Israel. So if Israel was to attack Iran with its lap dog USA than they were afraid Egypt would attack them from behind, so why not an Arab spring, you follow me so far?

Now the fight for Syria is in full speed in which once again the west is supporting the uprising by giving the opposition weapons. Many people don’t know Saddam was given weapons of mass destruction by the Americans too use on Iran in which Iran when attacked with WMD in full support of USA, used great restrain in which it did not retaliate after having its hundreds of thousands of its people killed, but no now they are the next target in this never ending war on Muslims around the globe.
The other thing I want to acknowledge and will not let them off the hook is Saudi Arabia which is an ally of Israel without the WMD. They are constantly funding wars in the Middle East themselves and then disappearing into the darkness. The Saudis while claiming to be Muslim is actually descends of Jews who set up shop long ago. Jews and Arabs look very much alike and if you throw in beard and mustache it’s even harder to tell since the only thing that separated them two was the nose and some facial features.

 Jews masquerading as Muslims is nothing new in the Middle East; take the bombing of King David hotel in which Jews killed British citizens and officials as they dressed like Muslims. They often dress like sheiks and once in their private airplanes slither back into their suits and off to the next terrorist act they go.
Israel has said that it’s not willing to talk with Iran, which is interesting since they claim the other is aggressor using their media monopoly in the west. Drone after drone is being sent over the border all leading to instigating and agitating war that for surely the world will one way or the other be involved in.

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