Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Bankers are ready to play Russian roulette once again with tax payer’s money, and the sheep are dying to see if they will hit the jackpot this time.

Banks like squirrels hoarding tax payer’s money like nuts and have kept the global economy at stand still. Today like crack head waiting for his next hit they are waiting for Romney to get in the office so they can bet all those nuts = Tax payers money once again.

As citizen I commit the smallest infraction and the law is all over me, but a douche bag in suit gambles trillions of dollars and the government says, better luck next time.

Like a trained seal the sheep are once again listening to same old hype with a more BS than ever before. I also caught Romney’s boys on CNN telling the sheep that they must help Israel. Does the US help any other nation anymore if they don’t have oil? 

Get ready for war with IRAN and your boys, girls, fathers, sons, uncles, etc to come home in body bag lol. I only feel sorry for those who were not told advance, but when they are telling you that they are going to war and will bring you kids in body bags back than you deserve nothing but misery.

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