Thursday, December 5, 2013

RIP Mandela the man who spared whites in south africa and gave his people voting rights.

RIP Mandela, the man who gave blacks voting rights. We still know white's still run the show but lurk in the shadows like they do every nation. What many don't know about Mandela , is the reason why he was given Nobel Peace Prize. After all they did to him, 27years behind bars, destroying his health, his relationship with his wife, he came out still willing to be a peaceful man. The whites were trying to lure him into a PC= Probable cause as they do with many blacks here and abroad.

When the blacks started fighting back and the whites saw the numbers  , forget about running the show, they were about to be massacred, he calmed them down. So essentially he won the noble peace prize for sparing white folks life's.

Even when departing and journeying to bigger and better things, President: Mandela spared us another Rob Ford CTV aka TMZ . Thus leaving this planet much better place. CTV along with all the other pit-vipers are scratching to report something positive, as the vaults only contain propaganda, fear and hatred. Well done Mandela RIP.

No politician should be allowed to represent a people until they have spent 27 years in prison fighting for the freedom of those people.

President Mandela's life is the closest thing we have to proof of God. RIP Mandela a global Hero and gift to us all. The globe mourns his lost today, we will continue your message , that people of all nations have the right to be free to truly enjoy life.  

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