Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Day Israel Died

States cannot die. They simply don't have life, they don't have souls. They are just organizations that in an ideal world would take care of administrative issues and would submit to the basic sovereignty of its citizens. Yet, in a sense, states reflect the life of its citizens, if the citizens die, the state ceases to exist.
Thus, humans are the basic entities of society. “We, The People” are the beautiful opening words of the American Constitution. The people formed the state and gave it its authorities, the sovereignty originated in them.

The People have the responsibility regarding the way that entity called state behaves. And those entities must respect human rights. If not, their citizens must do everything they can to cease the violations, even saying (and doing) "I leave this evil organization." I did that with regard to the state of Israel many years ago.
I recently reviewed the Goldstone report. it mentions that the recent Israeli attack on Gaza were unprecedented in their violence, to the extent it defines Israel as a terrorist entity in article 1690. But there is more to that.
At the moment the Israeli society – through the IDF – detained or even killed civilians while trying to surrender (Art. 1684), it displayed moral unfitness. Regardless its humanist education every single general and soldier proved being a moral moron, far from the Kingdom of God.
At the moment the Israeli society – through the IDF – destroyed food supply installations, water sanitation systems, concrete factories and residential houses (1688) it moved morally back to times when people sacrificed babies to wood idols. The firing of white phosphorus shells over the UNRWA compound in Gaza City (1716) and similar events are not different in essence from gas chambers.
At the moment the Israeli society – through the IDF – vandalized the houses with graffiti on the walls, obscenities and racist slogans (1689), the Krystallnacht was repeated by the IDF soldiers and officers, under the blessing of the Israeli government and society. Without those blessings, they would have faced justice immediately. Yet, these savage vandals are considered heroes by the Israeli society. The Beit Oranim Transcript – downloadable through my website – proves that.
At the moment the Israeli society – through the IDF – used Palestinians as human shields (1689) it lost its human dignity. The brave Israeli soldiers should attach Palestinian babies to their foreheads; that may protect them as well.

At the moment the Israeli society – through the IDF – systematically terrorized a civilian population it became nothing else that a terrorist society (1690).
At the moment the Israeli society – through the Shin Beth and Mossad – terrorizes any critique, it lost its right to be qualified as a democratic society.
On December 27, 2008, when the Israeli society began its savage attack on Gaza, it committed suicide. Right now we are witnessing its slow but certain death. May God protect us from the beast’s last movements.

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