Monday, January 9, 2012

Killing yourself to live”~

~With Tribute to Black Sabbath’s song “Killing yourself to live”~
Over the course of humanity on this Earth, crimes against the human nature has taken place repeatedly for many typical reasons such as race, gender, religion etc. Everyone tried to justify it according to what seems fit and appealing to the acceptance of the general masses.

Murder is never justified. Especially when punishment for any grade of crime is conducted by the hordes of maddened illiterate masses such as this recent case in Lebanon (pictured above) when a rapist and murderer of a single family was publicly beaten to death and his body was toured around the village. I didn’t find that appealing. I’m not against the death penalty, or the public execution of the death penalty. Yet, I’m against the implementation of justice by hands of the typical masses such as what’s going on recently.
The same went for the public execution of the American logistics personnel at Iraq (pictured) where it reminded Americans of the same fate they faced in Somalia in 1990s.
The same goes for Gaddafi. No one can deny his dictatorship against the poor Libyans. Please note that Libyans in general are not that of the poor standard of living such as Egypt, yet they were victimized through the Gaddafi dogma of faith and preaching of his idealistic crazy methodology of greatness and anti-almost-everything. Simply, the guy was a nutcase and he was making them shy in shame for being their ever-lasting revolutionary leader. Yet, the way he was handled and killed on site by the Islamic militias is not acceptable nor forgiven. 

Justice should have taken its course and he should have been provided with a fair trial. The Islamic militias and those with interest were in fear that they might have to hand him over to NATO or Europe where a bargain might take place.

It’s an awful sad end of a dictator, but then by doing such barbaric acts against humanity, we are killing our humane selves to live.

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