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The EJC Condemns the Anti-Semitic Racial Theories of MEP Maciej Giertych Expressed in New Book

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The Member of the European Parliament Maciej Giertych (Non-Affilated) published an anti-Semitic pamphlet this week which uses the same pre-war racial theories that led to the Holocaust, in arguing that “Jewish civilization” has no place in Europe.

The EJC denounces and condemns the publication of this text called “Civilisations at War in Europe” - which was presented to the public at the European Parliament this Wednesday in Strasbourg - and reserves the right to bring to court the author of this anti-Semitic text which reeks of medieval hate and 19th Century racial stereotyping.
Under the cover of a pseudo-scientific study, MEP Giertych, who is also the father of the deputy Prime Minister and Minister of education Roman Giertych, denounces in the text the Jewish “civilization of programmed separateness, of programmed differentiation from the surrounding communities...’ who he claims “prefer to live a separate life, in apartheid from the surrounding communities.”
He mentions that this “civilization,” “settle[s] among other civilizations, preferably among the rich. They tend to migrate from poorer to richer lands. They do so always as a group, immediately forming their own separate communities.”
The EJC demands that the costs of publication of this text are reimbursed and calls on the Polish Deputy Prime Minister to disassociate himself from the ideas of his father.
Finally, the EJC asks that the Polish government removes the parliamentary immunity from MEP Giertych.
  Apparently the truth hurts and this is how these families operate. The inbread in order for the 99% not to find what they are all about. But its simple that they have been doing this so long and records have been kept by so many of them , that the game is up.

They are not going without a fight though. By keeping us in wars they plan on keeping us distracting by new tv shows , games ,phones, technology anything but for what really matters and that is the hanging of them.

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